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1)      Why would I need a proof?  To protect your total investment in the printing. So you can see what your imprint looks like with layout and the design I would always get a proof.  So you can see first by email usually how the print will look on the item or product you are buying.  Some companies are free of charge but others charge for this service. This takes time to create and it helps the printing company and yourself the customer see how your art looks on the item or product.

2)       Can I order a sample?  Some samples there will be a charge from some companies.  If given the time before your event date.  This can be arranged.

3)      Who is Kaeser & Blair Inc.?  Kaeser & Blair independent dealerships are enterprises that are respected, known, and relied upon by hundreds of thousands of businesses nationwide. Kaeser & Blair dealers get companies noticed, create exposure, value and recognition for their customers by being a resource and supplying them with one of the advertising industries most frequently used vehicles - promotional products and advertising specialties. This family owned business has been established back in 1894.

4)      How much time is needed to create an order?  The order process starts after you contact Tim Dodge.  Then your order goes thru Kaeser office.  From there on to the factory.  Some factories offer Rush Service or 24 hour service. Depending on your event date this may or may not add extra charges.

For questions contact Tim at his office 815-341-6806

  1) If you are having problems finding exactly what you are looking for give us a call. 
2) We always enjoy input from the customer's perspective.

Call us for any questions or concerns!! 
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