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Through printed products that everyone uses daily there are many ideas in the fundraising category.  Heading into any sporting season you may choose water bottles, rally towels, megaphones, ect.  Seat cushions could have your team's information on one side leaving the flip side to portion out to your advertisers for a fee, making a great oppertunity to raise even more dollars for your church, school, or organization.

Here is a calendar idea from TradeNet.
TradeNet offers free set up and a free proof.  Just send me a the digital file with 13 pictures...
I'll layout the job for you....
On top of the pictures a business could sponsor a month for example $50.00  If that business would like to offer a special for that month sell 5 days for $10.00 each day.  Total for the month $100.00 that's $1300.00 or on the low side just $50.00 X 13 =$650.00

If you purchased 300 calendars that is a total of $1155.00 that cover the cost on the high side on the low side your short by $505.00
$1155.00              $1155.00 cost for 300 calendars at $3.85 each 
  -650.00              $1300.00 income low side then high side
______             ________
-$505.00     profit. $145.00 (minus then a profit)
Calendar sales at $10.00 X 300 raises an additional $3000.00
Total for the project
$2495.00            $3145.00
Imagine if you sold the calendar for $20.00???? Add another $3000.00 for your fund raising event. I think you could easily sell more calendars at $10.00.  I use this slogan for my business "I would rather eat a lot of little hamburgers than 1 nice steak" each month meaning I keep my cost lower to sell more jobs.....as to selling 1 at a higher price just to explain my logic...

How many customers are in your database??? Can you imagine your sales if only half of them would buy a calendar.
Possibly a great way to start 2013!!
Have a nice day

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