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Here is your chance to get a nice savings on printed Halloween bags for your church, school, and business organization. A printed bag is an opportunity to provide a public service while putting your name in the hands of day care providers, preschools and other services providers for children.  Printing with your business name or organizations to pass out to a day care center.  The children and adults will see your business name printed on the front of each bag.  These bags are made in the U.S.A. FREE imprinting, FREE Typesetting, and FREE Printing plate charges.  16 Great designs to bring smiles to faces of children who can use them year after year. Have a Halloween event at you location to bring children and adults to show case your business.  This is a very safe environment for all to enjoy.  Print area is 1 3/4 X 9" to bring out your message this Halloween season with a printed Message or a Printed business name.

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